Executive Director
Dave Allen
Lieutenant (Retired)
VA State Police
P. O. Box 1367
Madison, VA 22727
Cell: (540) 407-0512
Email: daveallen89@gmail.com
Term Expires: N/A

Fire Services Board

Denny Linaburg
VA Chapter - IAAI
Cell: (540) 974-3792
Email: dlinabur@fcva.us
Term Expires:  June 30, 2024
Sergeant at Arms
Joe Harvey
Deputy Fire Marshal
Chesterfield Fire and EMS
C: (804) 370-5512
E-Mail: HarveyJ@chesterfield.gov
Term Expires: October 2024
Tom Frazier
Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office
Cell: (540) 758-8548
Email: tefrazier@shencosheriff.com
Term Expires: October 2024
Proctor - CFI
Bob Henderson
Fire Analyst
Cell: (540) 256-1575
Email: behenderson4331@comcast.net
Proctor - CFI
Lee Mooney
Battalion Chief
Hanover County Fire and EMS
Cell: (804) 513-7495
E-Mail: lemooney@hanovercounty.gov